Our Strategy

Our strategy is to resist the frenzy of bidding on "banner" animals; to step up when the going gets tough.  We are there when the bidding falls off, to help hold up the floor value for the remaining auction animals and barn sale projects.

Our Mission

We do our best to support and recognize the dedication and commitment that the students put into their KLSR projects each and every year and don't go home empty handed.

Why FLS?

We are the longest running 501(c)3 non-profit buyer's group active with the KLSR!  Friends of Katy ISD FFA and Li'l Spenders joined together in 2016, and with our combined many years of service and dedication, have supported hundreds of KLSR students and projects from every KISD high school!  You can have confidence that your donations are well-utilized, as 100% of all donations go directly to the students themselves.  Our board members volunteer their time and services at no cost.

Changing the future

One of the key FFA program goals is to teach responsibility and work ethic.  To that end, we impact many deserving students in a very positive way.  When we purchase their animals, we demonstrate that we recognize their hard work and dedication to the completion of their projects.  Many of these students go into agricultural fields of study in college and continue their love of agriculture by becoming ag teachers, environmental engineers, entimologists, production and food quality scientists, and much more.

Supporting FFA has a direct effect on our future generations and we are proud to play a small part in their experiences along the way.



Making it successfully to auction is always the students' goals with their projects.  But it's not all about winning.  It's about hard work, dedication, and service towards something bigger than yourself.  As tempting as it is to jump up and buy one of the grand or reserve champion animals, we remain steadfast in stepping up when the going gets tough and recognizing as many students' hard work as possible. Remember, only approximately 25% of projects actually make it into auction each year, with well over 400 projects having been shown in the livestock show.  We not only participate in the auction, but what you don't always hear during the live action is how many of the other 75% of the projects that went to barn sale we take care of as well for the students that reach out to us.  We might be Li'l, but we are mighty with the support of so many wonderful donors!